Marco Polo Reloaded - an epic journey full of extraordinary adventures.
Accompany Lonely Planet travel writer Bradley Mayhew.

"Marco Polo Reloaded" is a four-part documentary travelogue along the length of the Silk Road; a fascinating journey in the footsteps of the great voyager Marco Polo. In the spirit of history’s great adventurer, the British travel writer Bradley Mayhew retraces and explores the historic route across eight countries, from Venice to Beijing. Each app contains a 52 minutes long episode of the documentary film 'Marco Polo Reloaded', along with short clips and many impressive photos and travel quotations. Discover what happens on the 8000 kilometer overland trip and share in the incredible and extraordinary adventure. And maybe pack your own bag in the near future.


Marco Polo Reloaded
From Venice To Eastern Turkey - Part 1

The first leg of his journey starts in Venice and travels with him through Israel and Turkey to the Iranian border. Bradley Mayhew explores the global impact of Marco Polo's journey, matching his original  descriptions to today's reality. History well worth repeating!

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Marco Polo Reloaded
An epic journey full of extraordinary adventures

Bradley Mayhew retraces and explores the historic route across eight countries, from Venice to Beijing.

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Marco Polo Reloaded
Through Iran - Part 2

Part 2 takes Bradley Mayhew all the way across Iran, from the famous city of Tabriz to the Persian Gulf. Passing the modern capital Tehran and Yazd, one of the world´s oldest cities, Bradley re-imagines the past while putting a spotlight on today’s reality, in modern-day Iran.

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Marco Polo Reloaded
From Afghanistan to China - Part 3

In Afghanistan Bradley Mayhew finds that Marco Polo's report of a journey "through lands harassed by bandits and ravaged by armies" is as sadly accurate today as it was in the 13th century. Finally crossing into China he heads for the oasis trading towns of Kashgar and Khotan.

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Marco Polo Reloaded
Through China - Part 4

Bradley Mayhew visits the remote ruins of Kublai Khan's summer palace at Xanadu, researches Beijing and travels by boat down the Grand Canal of China to the metropolis of Hangzhou. Did the Venetian make it to China? Follow Bradley Mayhew and find out for yourself.

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